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Below you will find the complete song catalog of songs we have available at this time for performance and recording. All songs have a Southern Gospel flavor with a strong evangelical gospel message. By clicking on the links, you can listen to a clip of each song. To make selection easier for you, the songs have been divided into the following categories:  New, Barn- Burners & Up-Tempo, Biblical Events, Bluegrass, Children’s, Choruses, Christmas, Country Gospel, Easter Season, Heaven & Second Coming, Hymns, Invitation & Salvation, Progressive Southern Gospel & Other, and Worship. There is some over-lap between categories. 

Should you wish to hear a full Mp3 of any of these songs or to record or perform any of them, please contact us. You may also contact us if you wish to be added to Penny’s Artists’ Pitch List. She pitches new songs every month.





Shake The Dust                          Rapture Ready

Are You Living Beneath Your Privilege

Going To Live Forever                 No Bones About It

Blessed Beyond Belief                One Of These Days

Let The Rafters Ring                   The Power Behind Me

Won't Need A Reservation          On That Day                      

Unbound And Determined           Right Out In The Open

Morning, Noon Or Night              Remnant Hearts

Every Chance I Get


Jesus Only Stooped Down         God Sends Real Fire

Crying For Quail                          Just Exactly How God Is

Under A Juniper                          From Genesis To Revelation

What Faith Looks Like                 In His Presence I Rejoice

Between Malachi and Matthew

If You Only Knew Who I Am        Two Trees


Keep On


Crying for Quail


On My Knees                               Oh, My Lord


I Believe                                        Swaddled

Oh, How The Angels!                   Joy Joy Joy

All the Difference in the World      The Best Room

The Road To Bethlehem               The Tiny Hand

There'd Be No Calvary                  Miracle Of Grace

Jesus Was Born in Bethlehem     God's Hand Was In It

To Be Born In My Heart                 Who Is This Baby King

The Wonder of it All                       A Star Rose In The East

God Gave the Gift                         To Kneel Before The Lamb

A Christmas Present                      He's So Much More

She Who Believed                         

Follow The Star To Calvary


God's Spirit Within (duet)              Walking On Air

Born as Is                                     Got Some Praying To Do

What It Could Be                          Storms of Doubt        

 His Story Changed My History    The Pulpit

Just One More Time                     Sold                    

Got It All Down In Writing              It's Too Late

I Gave You My Word                     It's Not The Singer

Straight On To Glory                     What In The World

The Story's Not Over                    Wanted Dead Or Alive

Go And Tell                                   Stir The Blood

You See Only Roses                     Seeing Red

Strength Beyond the Storm


Rolled that Stone Away               He Took It Like A Man

His Price                                     What Went Through His Mind

Miracle Of Miracles                      Hosanna Turned to Crucify

I Am Responsible                         Your Body Was Broken

Separated From The Father         My Lord Rose Up              



I'll Never Think Of This World Again

Closer To Heaven's Shore          What Grace Has Started

Up Here Singing                         Good To Go

Made My Reservation                 Up In The Air

One Foot In The Grave               No Scars I Bear

Let The Glorying Begin                A Place                

I'll Live To See The Day               In an Eyes Twinkling

Sweep Off The Welcome Mat      Perfect Peace

Home Sweet Eternal Home         

A Thousand Years In Heaven

Days without Number


This Remembrance (Communion)

My Tired Soul Longs


Let the Angels Rejoice                  From Rags to Righteous

Through His Grace                        So I Could Walk

It Has To Happen To You               There Is Grace

The Answer is Jesus                     Hearts Would Break        

You Must Receive Him                  That Moment                   

Let Me Tell You                              Lost is Lost

God's Glorious Grace                    All The Money in the World


I Refuse To Believe                       Because Of Who He Is

Your Grace And Your Steel            Beauty For Ashes

Jesus Has My Back                        Perfect

I Know                                            Rest Assured

Dead To The World                         Reaching For The Apple

Free As A Bird On The Wing          In God's Hands

God Of Everything You Do              No Lonelier Place

The God Of Second Chances         Living Stones

The Humble Shall Be Exalted          Bloodline

I Choose Jesus                              Living Proof

I've Traded Up                                 The Truly Magnificent

The Genuine Article                        The Desires of My Heart

I Will Climb This Mountain on My Knees


Not On My Terms                            I Thank You

Morning Prayer                               Not Just A little Lace

Point to the Cross                          Oh How Could I Not

The Stones Cry Out                        Prayer Is



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