Below are some homemade Christmas music videos by Through His Grace:

“Oh, How the Angels Sang!”

“I Believe”

“The Best Room”


A Communion Song Video:

“This Remembrance”


Below are videos of Through His Grace ministering in music:

“Rapture Ready”

“Let the Angels Rejoice”

“I’ll Never Think of this World Again”

“Stir the Blood”

“What It Could Be”

“His Story”

“Not on My Terms”

“Go and Tell”

“Miracle of Miracles”

“Blessed Beyond Belief”

“Because of Who He Is”

“The Road to Bethlehem”

“No Bones about It”

“God Sends Real Fire”

“The Power Behind Me”


2015 Diamond Award Winners for Favorite Gospel Bluegrass Group of the Year, Canaan’s Crossing, recorded my song, “Morning Prayer,” on their table product CD, “Seven.” “Seven” was nominated for a Diamond Award for Gospel Bluegrass Album of the Year 2017. They also sang it on Episode 6 of “Great American Bluegrass” hosted by Reagan Riddle of The Primitive Quartet and Episode 2 of 2017 of “Great American Gospel” hosted by Ed O’Neal of the Dixie Melody Boys.  Here is the link to the video.

Canaan’s Crossing singing “Morning Prayer” on Great American Bluegrass.



I wrote regular articles for “The Power Line Magazine,” an on-line magazine that examined issues in gospel music and of a Christian nature. Click the links below to see specific articles.

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Penny & Tina

Penny and Tina Miller of Canaan’s Crossing at The Oyster House, Gulf Shores, Alabama, 2015.


Through His Grace ministering in music at the Maritime Gospel Music Association Awards Concert, Fredericton, NB, 2013


Penny & Paul at their product table at the Maritime Gospel Music Association Awards, Fredericton, NB, 2013


Penny & Michael Booth of The Booth Brothers, Louisville, KY, National Quartet Convention, 2013


Penny & An Anonymous Woman, Louisville, KY, National Quartet Convention, 2013


Penny & Tim Maze of Canaan’s Crossing, Louisville, KY, National Quartet Convention, 2013


Through His Grace ministering in music at Bass River Baptist Church, Bass River, NS, 2012


Penny & Paul with Libbi Stuffle of The Perrys, Halifax, NS, 2010


Paul & Penny with Kevin Spencer and James & Starla Dean, Calvary Pentecostal Church, Truro, NS, 2010


Paul with Arthur Rice of The Kingdom Heirs at The National Quartet Convention, Louisville, KY, 2009


Penny with Jim Brady of The Booth Brothers at NQC, Lousiville, KY, 2009


Penny & Paul with Randy Armentrout and Glenn West of The Lumber River Quartet at NQC, Lousiville, KY, 2009


Penny & Paul with Gloria & Eugene Hoffman of The Patriot Quartet at NQC, Lousiville, KY, 2009


Penny & Paul with Rodney Griffin of Greater Vision at NQC, Lousiville, KY, 2006


Penny & Paul with Mark Bishop at NQC, Lousiville, KY, 2006


Penny & Paul with Ivan Parker at NQC, Lousiville, KY, 2006


Penny & Paul with Larry Ford at the Wesleyan Church, Truro, NS,  2005


Through His Grace singing at Cornerstone’s 10th Anniversary Celebration at Immanuel Baptist Church, Truro, NS,  2005


Penny at home with Crystal & Herb Taylor, 2005


Through His Grace ministering in music at the Debert Baptist Christmas Gospel Coffee House, Debert, NS



Portraits by Johanna



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