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Songs are arranged alphabetically with separate categories for Christmas and Sheet Music near the bottom of the page. Click song titles to hear songs. All tracks are $10 (taxes included) and will be e-mailed to you as Mp3s, along with lyric sheets as PDFs. Please remember to inform me of your e-mail address. Sheet music is $4 (taxes included) and will be sent via e-mail. Though not listed on this page, guitar lead sheets, as PDFs, are also available for $4 via e-mail upon request. If a disk or hard-copy for any of these are preferred, they can be provided for the same price plus current postage by contacting me via E-mail.



A Heartbeat from Heaven (Key of G)

A Thousand Years in Heaven (Key of F)

Ain’t What I Was  (Key of G)

An Avalanche of Grace (Key of B♭)

Are You Living Beneath Your Privilege (Key of G)

At that Moment (Key of B♭)

At the Foot of the Cross (Key of E♭) 

Because of Who He Is (Key of G)

Between Malachi and Matthew (Key of C)

But I Won’t Stay There (Key of E)

Closer to Heaven’s Shore (Key of B♭)

Crown Him with Glory (Key of C)

Days without Number (Key of G)

Every Chance I Get (Key of C)

Faith’s Proving Ground (Key of F)

Fill My Eternity (Key of A)

From Genesis to Revelation (Key of A)

From Rags to Righteous (Key of G)

Glorious Stories Will Be Told (Key of G)

Go and Tell (Key of B♭)

Go out Singing (Key of C)

God Sends Real Fire (Key of G)

God’s Glorious Grace (Key of E♭)

God’s Spirit Within (Key of C)

He Took It Like a Man (Key of C)

He’s Coming Again (Key of D)

His Story Changed My History (Key of C)

Home Sweet Eternal Home (Key of G)

I Don’t Understand (Key of E)

I Must Press On (Key of A)

If You Only Knew Who I Am (Key of C)

I’ll Live to See the Day (Key of A)

I’m Going (Key of G)

In Expectation (Key of D♭)

In His Presence, I Rejoice (Key of D♭)

It Will Change Him (Key of E♭)

It’s Too Late (Key of D♭)

I’ve Traded Up (Key of G)

Jesus Came up from the Grave (Key of B♭)

Just One More Time (Key of C)

Keep On (Key of G)

Let Me Tell You (Key of D)

Let the Angels Rejoice  (Key of G)

Like there’s No Tomorrow (Key of E)

Living Proof (Key of D)

Made Free (Key of E)

My Tired Soul Longs (Key of G)

Not a Care in the World (Key of G)

Not by My Own Hand (Key of D)

Not Just a Little Lace  (Key of C)

Not on My Terms (Key of D)

Oh, How Dear to My Heart (Key of C)

One Foot in the Grave (Key of D)

One Rich in Mercy (Key of D)

Point to the Cross  (Key of E)

Prayer Is (Key of G)

Rapture Ready (Key of G)

Reaching for the Apple (Key of D)

Rejoicing (Key of B♭)

Remnant Hearts (Key of A)

Rolled that Stone Away (Key of C)

Shake the Dust & Reprise (Key of G)

Sorrow Will Flee (Key of D♭)

Stir the Blood (Key of F)

Strength Beyond the Storm (Key of E)

Sunday’s a Coming! (Key of G)

Tetelestai (Key of G)

That Great Up-taking (Key of G)

The Genuine Article (Key of G)

The Lord Will Return (Key of A♭)

The Past Can’t Hold You (Key of G)

The Stones Cry Out (Key of G)

The Truly Magnificent (Key of G)

The Work of His Hands (Key of C)

This Remembrance (Key of E♭)

Through His Grace (Key of C)

Under the Juniper (Key of F)

Up Here Singing (Key of D♭)

Walk by Faith (Key of E)

Walking on Air (Key of A)

What Grace Has Started (Key of E)

What It Could Be (Key of D)

What Went through His Mind (Key of G)

You Must Receive Him (Key of G)

You See Only Roses (Key of E)



A Star Rose in the East  (Key of D)

Follow the Star to Calvary  (Key of A)

I Believe   (Key of C)

Joy, Joy, Joy  (Key G)

Oh How the Angels Sang  (Key of D)

Rejoice! (Key of D♭)

She Who Believed  (Key of E)

Swaddled (Key of E♭)

The Miracle of Grace (Key of A)

The Road to Bethlehem  (Key of G)

To Be Born in My Heart (Key of D♭)

Who Is this Baby King (Key of C)



A Star Rose in the East  (Key of D)

Follow the Star to Calvary (Key of A)

I Believe  (Key of C)

Joy Joy Joy (Key of G)

Oh How the Angels Sang (Key of D)

She Who Believed (Key of E)

Swaddled (Key of E♭)

The Road to Bethlehem (Key of G)

To Be Born in My Heart (Key of D)

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